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Korakia Pensione

Happy Wednesday,

I hope your all getting a chance to unwind from your day!  I wanted to share our first overnight without Van on the blog and let you all experience a little bit of this heavenly place. Korakia Pensione is really a little slice of paradise in Palm Springs.  They don't allow children there so we thought this would be a great place to spend our first night away from Van.  I was so nervous leaving him but I know how important it is to keep trying to make marriage and your husband a priority!  I never thought I would be that person that didn't want to leave my baby but he is everything so it was harder than I thought.  When we got here it was so peaceful and gorgeous that we did our best to really enjoy each other and not to worry about Van.  Every inch of this place is charming and we loved it here so much! 

It was about a million degrees, so taking pictures was crazy ;)  I was a sweaty betty through it all! haha...

We sat by the pool for about five minutes and then spent the rest of the time in the water sipping on our cocktails!  

Waking up to this was heaven!
Our room was right outside the pool and the room was perfect in the 
day and at night with the fire!
We watched Casablanca, drank wine and were in bed by 10!  It truly was so relaxing!

It was such a nice overnight trip and if your looking for a little hidden getaway for you and your hunny in Palm Springs, this is the place to go!  I cant wait to go back!


Maxi Dress Heaven

Happy Friday lovelies! 

Every once and a while you come across something that you truly love and fits you just perfect. Well when I saw this dress I fell in love, it is exactly what I would design for myself if I could make a dress. Well, I did go to school for Fashion Design so I COULD, but anyways, I love this dress.  I actually love so many of the dresses from SelfieLeslie.com

The colors and print are so pretty and I'm pretty sure I will never get sick of off the shoulder.  I hope it stays around for a really long time ;)  I will link all my favorites for you guys, and the ones I am ordering next!

Some of my other favorites for a night out Here and Here!
And for a party Here and Here!

Here are the products I have been using that I am obsessed with lately!  I am wearing a small in this dress and love the fit!
Have a fabulous night and weekend!


Macrame Beach Wear

Happy Thursday! 

I have been obsessed with all the gorgeous high neck swimsuits out this summer and was so excited when I found this black gem for such an amazing deal.  Its so simple in the color and the design is heaven.  I think every girl should have a fun black swimsuit in their collection, and since summer is far from over here in Southern California I know you will all be grabbing one of these before they are gone!

I posted a photo of Van and I hanging out on the beach together and I was wearing this gorgeous top so I had to take it with me to Palm Springs and get a few more shots to share with you guys.  And for under 20 dollars for the whole suit, you need this suit!

I am wearing a medium in this swimsuit, and I still think I wouldn't have minded a large for the top!  I am a 32D if that helps you out.  :) 
Have a fabulous week and please feel free to ask me any questions about the suit or otherwise!


Summer Whites and Pretty Jewels

My favorite kind of days are the ones I get to spend on the beach with my little family! I know most people understand how fabulous the ocean breeze makes you feel, and I never get sick of going down just to see the sunset or play in the sand.  I love tops that are easy like this one that looks so cute even when its crazy windy out! I love how pretty the big sleeves are and these days I always love my shoulders out! ;)

I'm such a fan of layered jewelry and this jewelry is just gorgeous and goes so well layered together!  Im seriously obsessed with all the pieces from Collections by Joya and if the jewelry isnt pretty enough, she sends it in the prettiest packaging, such a perfect gift idea!

I hope you love these pieces as much as I do!  They are so easy and go with everything.  I am wearing a small in the top and there is plenty of room.  
The jewelry I am wearing is the Druzy Bar Necklace,

They have so much cute jewelry, I want everything!  I hope you get a chance to go look and find one you love too!  Have a great day!

Lazy Beach Days

Happy Monday,

By now you know my love for this brand/boutique Planet Blue and I cant help but love the easy beach style they have.  Its more on the expensive end but I hardly buy anything that is too expensive so I feel like I can splurge every once and a while.  I literally could walk into this store and pick up one of everything and be happy with it!  So if you cant afford these styles I have linked up a few more budget friendly versions that I love just as much!  And as for being able to afford expensive things, well I am the most money conscious person I know and I just set aside a spending budget each month for myself, and if I want something more expensive then I just save each month.  Its so simple and even though you don't get what you want right away you appreciate it more when you have to wait!

I definintely plan on wearing white well into the winter and as far as I'm concerned white is all year around for me!  I hope you have a fabulous week!


My Little Love, Van

Hi mommas and mommas to be!

I wanted to share some of my "mom advice" I have learned and loved since having Van.  I also wanted to just rant a little about life as a mom.  I wanted to first share about my love for Honest diapers since I had posted about it a while ago and said I wanted to share my favorite products.  First of all the diapers are the cutest things ever.  They are always changing prints, and i just love how cute Van's bum looks in them when hes running around the house!

I love that I can change sizes whenever I want, and send back one or two packs if a size isnt working anymore.  I love the great big box that shows up at my house so I never have to run out for diapers.  They send you four packs of wipes with every box and its more than enough!  I have a whole drawer full which is nice that I wont ever run out.  They have the most amazing customer service, think Nordstroms style, and they will fix anything that isnt working for you!  Thats pretty huge for me!

They also have a bundle you can get for their bath and body products and my favorites are the Body wash, the bubbles, and the dish soap.  I love them so much and will continue to use them.  Van had eczema from using Burts bees products and after using Honest I would never go back to the other brands.  I have used the laundry soap and the dryer sheets and love them, but I must say they dont get stains out all that great.  So give them a try and see what you think, I linked them all below so you can try them before you commit to the bundles on the Honest site.

I don't use their lotion mostly because I love using coconut oil on Van, but they have a baby oil that is pretty amazing too!

On another note, I cant believe my baby is already so big and talking up a storm.  I'm pretty sure I have the most amazing pediatrician and the things I have learned from him are invaluable.  From the first time I met him he has insisted that we keep books everywhere around the house and read to Van every chance we get.  We have done that and I believe its setting Van up to be smarter and happier.  Van loves books and since we read them over and over I wanted to share some of the cutest books that we read everyday!

Everyday I thank my lucky stars for this little guy, he has made my life complete and even though this past year has been rough on my marriage, we are all coming out better on the other side.  I know all you moms out there can relate to the changes that happen in your marriage and life and trying to figure out how you all fit together again can take its toll.  We are trying our best to make choices that benefit Van, like feeding him a Vegan diet, saving processed sugar for later in his life or NEVER ;) not watching tv, and loving on him every chance we get!  Please let me know if you'd like to hear more about his diet and what I feed him and I will share that in a later post.  

We may not make the perfect choice for everyone but its great for us and Van is doing so amazing!  Thanks for letting me share some of my life with you guys!  Have a great night!


Beach Babe Basics

Happy Friday Loves! 

I am such a sucker for basics, and especially black and white stripes! I also have way to many denim jackets for my own good but seem to keep buying more. At least this one is a little more fun because of the raw shorter hem, I was instantly obsessed! I love this easy look with white denim that I think I will be wearing far into the fall. Its always weird trying to figure out if I should shop for fall or winter here because its always pretty warm, especially in the fall. I grew up in Utah where there is four seasons so I am always drawn to jackets and scarves, but never find a good time to wear them! Anyways, I love these pieces because they can be layered easily for cooler nights! 

 I am usually ready for fall but I am so loving this warm weather and endless beach days in Southern California. Concerts in the park, sunsets on the beach with the babies running around, and long nights drinking cocktails with friends are just a few of the things we have been doing lately. I don't know if its Vans age or what, but I am feeling so content in my life right now. This past year has been more than crazy and I have definitely been feeling the stress of life on my body. haha... I guess thats what happens when you have babies! ;) 

 I hope you love this look as much as I do.  We are taking a little vaca to Palm Springs soon and I have so many fun things to share! I hope you have a fabulous weekend! 

I am wearing a small in the jacket, and a small top, the jeans are a 25 but they are super thin so I would go up a size for sure!

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