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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

So I was one of those crazy girls that went to the sale on the first day, and to top it off I went to South Coast Plaza which is always crazy town.  But it was worth the crazy cause I got some really cute things and some things I put on my wish list.  Some of my favorite basics here below and this is the best time to stock up on those higher end brand jeans.  I got THESE!  I got them in a 24 because I feel like JBrands always stretch out!

Im pretty happy to see so many cute versions of the over the knee boot and I already bought these ones!  They remind me of the Stuart Weitzman's that I would actually love to own.

And you know I had to pick some of my favorite go to beauty items. I'm pretty excited that my favorite brands have made such beautiful pallets. I wore this gorgeous red lip by Mac in my shopping selfie and headed right back over to the counter to buy it. Its the most perfect red and still moisturizing.  I use THESE for my brows and love that they have a kit for it all together.  I use Dark Brown and its the perfect color for me.

I couldn't help but pick out some fun stuff for my little man and maybe for a baby girl that could come into our life soon! ;)  Nordys has the best deals on car seats right now and this would definitely be the time to get one!

Accessories are my favorite and Nordstrom really has the best deal on skin care! I have the Clarisonic and use it every week. I bought the PMD and am pretty excited to see the results. I have heard so many great things about it!

And last but not least! They have the cutest coats for winter and if I lived in Utah again I would buy all of these!

I really hope this helps with your pick for the sale and will be posting all these cute things I got soon! Have a lovely week!


Sunset Beach

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you all had a great weekend, we are in Utah for family time and its so beautiful here!  I miss living here so much when I come visit for the summer and always find myself looking for houses daydreaming of moving back.  What a struggle right?!  Either beautiful Utah or Sunny Southern California.  I know Im a lucky girl and am thankful every night.  Well, enough ranting...I wanted to share my love for beautiful flowing dresses and surf brands have really stepped up their game.  I can walk into any store where I live and fall in love with Billabong anything.  They make such cute clothes and everything is so my style.  Laid back but really pretty prints.  So I had to share this dress by them and I hope you all love it!  The high crochet neck is heaven and the low open back make it feel less like your trying to hide everything! ;)

If your looking for a fabulous highlighter, THIS ONE gives the prettiest glow!  I wear it on the top of my cheekbones and the center of my eye to make them pop! I wear this everyday!

There really is nothing easier than a maxi and this one is heaven, Im wearing an XS here and there is still plenty of room!  So size down in this one!
Here are a few more at all price points that you will love!  
Hope your week is great! Xoxo


Summer Sales

Hi beauties!

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend!  We had the best time hanging with friends, going to the beach parade, lots of sunshine and fireworks.  Our good friends had a whole firework show set to music and Van was pretty much in exhausted heaven!  
I cant lie, holidays are WAY better with babies.  :)

So... there are so many amazing sales going on right now, and I wanted to share some of my favorites that are on sale and things I already own that you must have!

My favorite sandals that I pretty much wear everyday, they go with everything and are on 

The cutest pair of white jeans HERE, under 40 dollars and in my cart!  I got a 25x30!

My favorite TEE HERE, I got the Mauve, its under 20 dollars and I wear it everyday.  
I love a good tee, I got a size xs!

My all time go to is THIS TOP and its only 23 dollars!  Love this tied around my waist, as a coverup for chilly summer nights and when I need to let my belly be free! ;)  I got a small!

and THESE paired with THESE for night walks and mornings at the park with Van.

The cutest brand of SHORTS HERE with my go to summer bag HERE

My favorite pair of jeans ever HERE and I will have them on repeat this fall!  I got a size 25.

THIS SWIMSUIT might be the best deal ever for the cutest suit under 20 dollars and this one HERE and HERE!

Hope you all have a great week recovering from all the fun! Xoxo


Summer Style

 Im pretty excited that its finally warm and sunny here in California!  Living so close to the beach we get June gloom right at the start of summer and it feels like we are behind the rest of the country for sunshine!  So Im getting out all my summer clothes, and hats and cant wait to share all the fun things I have been buying!  I hope you guys love this look, I think it would be so cute over a swimsuit as well since the top doesnt leave much to imagination.  And after having babies, things just arent as they use to be! haha!!

I got a small in this romper and the fit was great!  My hat was from Forever21 and I got the M/L, and my wish list hat is HERE!  Its pretty amazing and I will buy it one day I think! haha...  Hope this helps with sizing and I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Yummy Almond Milk

Hi beautiful mommas,
I was so sad when I found out Van was breech, I literally tried everything that was out there to get him to turn in my belly.  I had already set it in my mind that I was having a natural birth, no drugs and Van would come out perfectly healthy.  haha... I'snt it funny how life gives you exactly what you want. ;)

Well after I swallowed that pill, I told myself that I would breast feed Van as long as I could and never give him cows milk.  That led me here to trying out a million recipes for homemade nut milk for Van.  I nursed him until 14 months and started trying out milk we had made to make the switch.  He pretty much hated everything I tried, so one day I decided that the only way I would know what to make would be to taste my milk to see what it tasted like.  Haha... Well, after finding out it was the sweetest thing ever I came up with this recipe.
Untitled #26

If your still buying milk out of the carton, give this a try.  Its much better for your babies and isn't filled with a bunch of preservatives and junk.  Van is obsessed and we drink it too!  Here's how easy it is!

Just soak 1 C. of almonds in filtered water overnight.  Drain and add to a high powered blender, I prefer the Vitamix and if you havent bought one yet, its time to buy one!  The best investment in your healthy you can make!

Here are all the ingredients I use for my almond milk.

Then add 5 C. of filtered water, 4 pitted dates, 1/4 tsp. of vanilla, and 1/4 tsp. of honey.  Blend on high for a few minutes.

Then strain through a nut milk strainer.  and wallah, you have homemade almond milk!  So easy, right!  You can thank me later when your babies don't have sick bellies from trying to process cows milk and all the chaos that come with lactose intolerance.

I hope you guys find this post helpful and you give this a try!  Its just one more way you can be sure you are putting the best food possible in your babies bellies!  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Summer Nights

Don't you love those summer nights when you get to cozy up on the patio with a glass of wine! 
Yes, please!


Date Night Retro Style

This date night I decided to try a little pinup style with red lips and red shoes.  I like to play around with different styles and see what suits me.  Im a huge fan of black dresses and fun shoes.   Any excuse to see that look on my husbands face when i walk down the stairs will get me in a dress everyday!  ;)  Dates are pretty slim these days, so I take full advantage of them when they come!  Haha... life with a little man!

I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!

 I ordered a size 6 in this dress and the shoes are super narrow so order a half size up!

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