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Beach Baby Days

Hope you are all having a lovely day!

Living in Southern California is the best for so many reasons, but one of the good ones is that summer never ends here, and although it cools down, I always wear lightweight tops. And... since I'm never getting over the off the shoulder look, I just keep buying them!  I love days on the beach with Van where I can wear comfortable tops and still look put together.  He is getting so big and is the sweetest little man ever!  He will only kiss me if I start with a fish kiss, and then he's all over it.  I really feel like the luckiest girl ever!


Fromm Beauty Tools

Happy Friday!

I don't know about you guys but I keep styling tools way too long, where the brushes are losing all their bristles and the blow dryer is starting to spark.  Really though, I think my last blow dryer made crackling noises every time I used it.  So, to say I needed a new set would be understatement. 

I got these gorgeous new brushes and blow dryer from the amazing company Fromm Beauty and am so in love.  My hair has taken such a beating since having Van and bleaching it, and some days I feel like I might be frying off the last strands I have every time I blow dry my hair.  But with this dryer I already notice a difference.  Its lightweight and quiet which is great for nap time, and its comparable wattage and wind speed with less weight than other blow dryers.

My hair is already getting better, and the tools are heaven too.  I love the 1907 "Do Everything" Square Brush. The unique square barrel let's you smooth, wave or curl your hair with just the flick of your wrist.  It takes a little practice but its so nice to use!  And as for the paddle brushes, they cut my dry time in half, which is a dream for this momma!

I hope this helps you pick out your next set of beauty tools! Have a lovely day!


GE Motion-Activated Light

Happy Thursday lovelies,

I am always looking for ways to make my momma life easier.  So when I found these GE Motion-Activated lights I was so happy that I found a way to help me from running into the walls at night.  I put my lights up in the hallway from my room to Vans room for those nights when I have to get up to check on Van.  If I hear him cry at night, I cant help but go running to make sure he is ok.  I am not one of those moms that let my baby cry for too long, I just cant wait to snuggle him whenever I get the chance.  I always bring Van into my bed if he wakes up at night hoping he will want to snuggle and sleep with us... NO LUCK, EVER ;)  I guess I should be happy he likes his bed so much?!

Van was so excited to open the package with me and put all the lights in.  He is such a big helper these days.  He wants to do everything himself!  I also put one in Vans room for when I come charging in to save him...haha, not really.  But I like to think so! ;)

 It was so easy to use, and I don't feel like it comes on too easy.  Some lights are too sensitive and this one is the perfect amount!

I hope this helps you pick out some lights to make your momma life easier.  I am all for tips and tricks and love sharing my ideas with other moms and dads.  I am always happy and satisfied with GE products, they never let you down. 

Have a fabulous day!


Modest Beauty with Shabby Apple

Happy Wednesday,

Growing up in Utah you learn quickly how to dress modest and still show off your curves a little.  So when Shabby Apple sent me this gorgeous dress, I was so excited to show it off.  They have the cutest styles that are still modest and modern.  I am so obsessed with stripes, and I LOVE dresses that hug your body but still cover up the parts you don't like.

After being a mom and watching my body change I have found a new love for clothes that cover up a bit more.  I don't know about other moms out there but I feel better when I either have my top half out or my legs, and I think that just keeps things a little more classy!...haha

Shabby Apple is also giving away a $50 dollar gift card so you girls can get online and get yourself one of their lovely dresses! Just head to my Instagram @xposedbeauty  for more details!  I am wearing a size 2 in the photos and the fit is great.  I wouldn't even mind it just a size smaller, so keep that in mind.  The material is thick, and well made so you will have this one around for a while!

I hope you guys have a lovely day!


Skin Love

Happy Thursday,

I hope your all excited for the holiday weekend!  I was lucky enough to take a little trip to Beverly Hills this past week to get my first Hydro Facial!  After having a baby and the stress that this past year has put on me, I am definitely feeling my age these days!  I remember being in esthetician school and getting facials everyday, my skin was so amazing.  I forgot how much I love them!  So when Ursula, the Co-Founder of Honor MD, offered me this treatment I was so excited! 

I went up to Dr. John Diaz's beautiful office in Beverly Hills and got a hydro facial from their esthetician.  It was relaxing and amazing, although I wanted it to last way longer! haha 

I have been using the Honor MD products for the past few weeks and honestly love them so much already!  The cleanser is heaven and doesn't dry your skin out, and the Renew vitamin C serum is my favorite.  I also love the eye cream, which I have never used before, and am excited to see the changes in my skin. 

I will keep sharing the progress of my skin with you guys so you can make an informed decision about what is good for your skin.  I have very dry skin that seems to be aging so fast since having Van that I rarely like to go out without makeup!  So I'm working hard to clear up my skin and feel more confident without makeup again.  I will share some of my before pictures with you guys on my next post too so you can see what I mean. 

 I'm also obsessed with the Protect, it makes your skin feel so hydrated and has SPF.  And if all this isn't fabulous enough, the location of his office is in the middle of this palm tree heaven! haha

I am wearing makeup here and still see the glow after my facial coming through!  I am loving how my skin feels and how nicely my makeup went on.  The exfoliate is so nice, and I believe that exfoliating is such an important part of making your skin glow! 

I am using everything I listed here and just started on their retinol creme too.  I am excited to be the guinea pig for you all and I will let you know how this skin care works out for me!  Please feel free to ask any questions and I will continue to share my progress with you guys!  

Have a lovely night,


Korakia Pensione

Happy Wednesday,

I hope your all getting a chance to unwind from your day!  I wanted to share our first overnight without Van on the blog and let you all experience a little bit of this heavenly place. Korakia Pensione is really a little slice of paradise in Palm Springs.  They don't allow children there so we thought this would be a great place to spend our first night away from Van.  I was so nervous leaving him but I know how important it is to keep trying to make marriage and your husband a priority!  I never thought I would be that person that didn't want to leave my baby but he is everything so it was harder than I thought.  When we got here it was so peaceful and gorgeous that we did our best to really enjoy each other and not to worry about Van.  Every inch of this place is charming and we loved it here so much! 

It was about a million degrees, so taking pictures was crazy ;)  I was a sweaty betty through it all! haha...

We sat by the pool for about five minutes and then spent the rest of the time in the water sipping on our cocktails!  

Waking up to this was heaven!
Our room was right outside the pool and the room was perfect in the 
day and at night with the fire!
We watched Casablanca, drank wine and were in bed by 10!  It truly was so relaxing!

It was such a nice overnight trip and if your looking for a little hidden getaway for you and your hunny in Palm Springs, this is the place to go!  I cant wait to go back!


Maxi Dress Heaven

Happy Friday lovelies! 

Every once and a while you come across something that you truly love and fits you just perfect. Well when I saw this dress I fell in love, it is exactly what I would design for myself if I could make a dress. Well, I did go to school for Fashion Design so I COULD, but anyways, I love this dress.  I actually love so many of the dresses from SelfieLeslie.com

The colors and print are so pretty and I'm pretty sure I will never get sick of off the shoulder.  I hope it stays around for a really long time ;)  I will link all my favorites for you guys, and the ones I am ordering next!

Some of my other favorites for a night out Here and Here!
And for a party Here and Here!

Here are the products I have been using that I am obsessed with lately!  I am wearing a small in this dress and love the fit!
Have a fabulous night and weekend!

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