Super Balancing Supplement

Maca is the one supplement I cannot live without!
I am constantly on a rollercoaster ride with my hormones and this brand makes me feel so much better.  
MacaForce will make you feel  less emotional, more balanced, happier, higher sex drive, and this brand is full of other great benefits too!
So great for men too!!  Me and my hunny drink this every morning! :)

MacaForce contains:
  • Prebiotic Digestive blend
  • Herbs
  • Enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • Energetics
 I know alot of people just go to the healthfood store and get some Maca but it doesnt compare to this.  There are so many other things in this supplement that you need, and just Maca alone doesnt work for me.  Give this a try, its on Amazon and last forever!  I just mix it in my smoothie or my morning chai!


Victorias Giveaway

The Victorias Secret sale is in full effect so it's time for a giveaway! Just post a picture of your favorite Vicki's gear, or beauty on Instagram and tag @xposedbeauty and hashtag 
#xposedbeauty ... Simple! 
Winner announced on the Fourth of July and I'll send you some of my favorite Vicki's stuff! 


Topshop Heaven

So... here it is, my first Fashion Friday.  The only day I will probably post fashion with no other reason than to show you fabulous fashion, and it goes to this amazing and gorgeous Topshop dress.  I love a good fit on a dress, and especially one with sleeves, and this one does everything right!  Its on sale now on Topshop, so get online and get it!  Also there are like a million other cute dresses online and you wont be dissapointed with any of them!!  Topshop literally does the bodycon with perfection in my eyes.  This store can do no wrong, fun fabrics, interesting styles, gorgeous cut on everything, I just love it!!
Plus, my favorite accessory, Jackie!


I absolutley want every dress they make, and here are a few of my other favs!
Get online now cause they are on super sale and going quick!



Trends I'll Pass On ;)

Trends that just dont do it for me...  
Not that they arent gorgeous, they just arent my style.  Not meant to offend anyone!  
(Like the ugg trend that everyone loves, its not for me)
 I am loving many trends happening right now and I will be posting those next, 
but I have to pass on these ones!

1.  Ok, overalls are so cute for girls who are stick thin, or under the age of 13 but I remember wearing these growing up and I could never do it again.  I am a regular size girl and I would feel like a blob wearing these!  If you are rocking them, more power to ya, but I'll stick to jeans that end at the waist.

2.  I kinda feel like these are the sweats of the shoe world and along with brown worn out Uggs, these are next in line with shoes I wont wear.  I just dont get them. 

3.  Paleo just isn't my cup of tea.  Since I'm not a huge fan of meat, and I know how hard the body works to process it, I'm going to be steering clear of this diet trend.  No judgement for those out there loving this way of eating,  I know some people do better with more meat in their diets. :)

4.  I know this makes your insta look gorgeous but Im not a huge fan.  Its my own personal opinion, but wouldn't it be nice to see a cookie or donut every once and a while instead of these?  Haha

5.  Nothing to say but these are not attractive.  Just my opinion. ;)

6.  I think these bags are so gorgeous but I just wish we didnt feel like we needed thousand dollar bags when there are so many people out there with so much less than us!

Im pretty specific about what I like,  as most people are, and if you love these things I hope I didnt offend you.  I still think your fabulous!! :) And It doesnt mean I know anything really...just my personal opinion.


Denim for a Day in Laguna Beach

This past week we spent the day in Laguna shopping and having lunch at Taco Loco right on PCH.  I dont know what it is about sitting on PCH that makes me feel happy but I love those kind of days.  Sunshine, palm trees, and good music is pretty much the way I want to spend everyday.  
I wish you all could live here with me and we could spend everyday together laying on the beach!
We spent some time in my favorite neighborhood and picked out a house to buy one day!
There are a lot of people (books written, ie. "The Secret") that believe in putting your dreams out to the universe will help them come true.  I am finding the more I put out there, the more I believe in this! 

Chambray Top: Koodeker / Similar: Old Navy
Denim cutoffs: Vintage shop / Similar: Urban Outfitters
 Heels: Nordstroms

 Hope you all had a great Fathers Day! XoXo


I wont leave home without it ;)

My absolute favorite tinted moisturizer is Laura Mercier!! 
I'm just not one of those girls that likes to go out with a completely bare face.  Its kinda like, I wont ever go out in sweats to just run real quick to the store.  Its just not me, and whether that makes me high maintenance or not, I'm not sure.  :)  I just like to be put together and since I found this amazing tinted moisturizer, I dont have to worry about putting foundation on everday.  I have tried a few others like Nars, and some BB creams from the drug store, but I just love the way Laura Mercier even my skin out and also has SPF.  Its perfect for the beach or running errands.  
I seriously LOVE this stuff! :)
You can get it at Sephora or Nordstroms and its about 43.00 I think.  They have an oil free version also, but I prefer the regular one.

I hope you check it out and see what you think!  I know you wont be disappointed. 
Hope your having a fabulous weekend! 


Bootys out for Zara ;)

 I cant even begin to talk about how much I love Zara, its like the store was made for me.  I have always been drawn to basics that fit really amazing and flatter in all the right places.  They have everything figured out from the acessories to the shoes to almost every piece of clothing.  I can say the same for Madewell.  They have the best fitting tees and tanks, and their jeans are to die for,  gorgeous made fabrics and cutest style!

I love to buy clothes that aren't going to go out of style next week, since I am such a saver, I like to make sure my money is going to a good place! ;)  Def get into these stores right now, or shop online and see all the amazing stuff in right now!

Skirt: Exact / Similar: Zara
Tee: Madewell / Similar: Asos
Shoes: Zara old / Similar: Zara / Get these instead: Zara


I hope you guys love this style too and get your shop on, because sometimes you just have to buy for yourself when there are so many cute basic options that will last you for a while! :)
Happy Monday...Lets cross our fingers that this is going to be a great week!

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