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Date Night Retro Style

This date night I decided to try a little pinup style with red lips and red shoes.  I like to play around with different styles and see what suits me.  Im a huge fan of black dresses and fun shoes.   Any excuse to see that look on my husbands face when i walk down the stairs will get me in a dress everyday!  ;)  Dates are pretty slim these days, so I take full advantage of them when they come!  Haha... life with a little man!

I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!

 I ordered a size 6 in this dress and the shoes are super narrow so order a half size up!


Denim and Heels

Hi babes,

I hope your having a great week so far!  I wanted to share my all time fave look for everyday.  Distressed denim and some fun heels are my go to.  They are the best because even when your chasing after your little ones, you can still look put together.  I am loving Levi's brand right now, they have their signature cute bum and the best styles.  I have a few other pairs on their way to me and I will link them for you guys if you want to order them too before they sell out.  I just love that there are so many companies making really cute jeans that are around 100 dollars.  You don't have to spend a fortune to look stylish.  Well, at least I don't think so. ;)

Where I live, "June gloom" has been in full effect for the past few weeks and the sun is just starting to come out, so I am always looking for a cute lightweight jacket.  I will probably wear this with shorts too.  I hope you love this look as much as I do!

I ordered a size 25 in these LEVIS, and the fit is great, but I'd prefer them one size smaller so order a size down if you want a smaller boyfriend fit.  This bomber jacket is a small and fits just right.  And my white tee is a size small, also love this one here! Xoxo

 I hope you guys have some fun summer plans coming up.  We are definitely going to take some mini vacations in the next month. 

 And here are the jeans I ordered, so obsessed with them!  Cant wait!

Beach Bag Baby

We spent this weekend on a little beach camping trip to San Onofre Beach and it was a small piece of heaven.  I will be sharing more this week, but I had to share this to die for bag for all of you out there that don't use Liketoknowit.com.  I was so scared they were going to sell out when I ordered mine and I also got one for my sister for her birthday.  Its so cute because its huge, you can fit three big beach towel and all your other goodies too!  I just love a good find at Target and this one comes in three colors!  Hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend.


My Favorite White Dresses for Summer

Happy Wednesday night ladies,

Since summer is pretty much here except for a few gloomy mornings here by the beach, I wanted to share some of my favorite white dresses.  They are so great to dress up or down, and since we all have a better tan in the summer, they look so pretty on! 

I'm obsessed with off the shoulder anything these days and this dress was too easy and cute not to get.  Its so perfect for a day on Balboa Pier with my little boyfriend as my accessory!  He is just as obsessed with cars and when we walked by these bikes it was meltdown times a million until I let him drive the "caaa."(meltdown not pictured...Haha ;)

I hope you guys find a pretty dress or get a good idea for all the fun holidays coming up!  I linked a few of my favorites and one I bought for fathers day!

My dress from Nordstroms, Im wearing a size xs so this didnt look too much like a tent on me.  
Im normally a small.  Clutch c/o Bohemian Mama.  Lace up sandals from Nordstroms, true to size.   
Gorgeous gold Roxy watch.  I hope this helps with sizing and wishing you all a fabulous night!


Pro Beauty Tricks I Use Everyday

Hi lovelies,

I have had the pleasure of working with some insanely talented makeup artist over the years and have picked up some of their beauty tricks that really make a huge difference.  After giving them a go you will be dying to get your selfie perfected!

I use to work on movie and tv sets a few years ago and learned the first rule of lighting and makeup there.  I would always show up with my makeup done and without fail I would be escorted to the makeup room to add LOTS MORE!  When you are gettting your picture taken with a high quality lense and professional lighting, your makeup will almost dissapear.

Have you noticed that when you take pictures you could swear you put more makeup on.  Well thats because all those lights reflect off your skin can wipe out the details on your face.

1.  So my first trick is to add more makeup than you would on a regular day.  Define your eyes with liner, and add just a bit more blush to give your face some color!

My absolute favorite blush for photos is Nars Orgasm (hint of glow in this one),
or Mac Warm Soul (great for mature skin).  And the best eyepencil!

2.  Use a primer!  I didnt think this mattered, but it makes all the difference in your makeup.  I PROMISE you will see a difference!  I put this on and let it sit for few minutes, then do my makeup as usual.  By the end of a long day, all my makeup is still right where I put it!  

Here are my three favorites

3.  And last but not least, conceal and set these three areas;  under eyes, in between eyes, and top lip!  Then set it with a lightweight powder!

I love these two concealers, Nars Radient Creamy Concealer (can be a little drying) 
and Tarte Concealer (great for dryer skin types).  And my go to setting powder by Laura Mercier.

I hope these ideas help you with your beauty routine and let me know if you would like to see a makeup tutorial on how I use these tips! Have a fabulous weekend!


Summer Love



Fathers Day Gift Guide

I am pretty sure I wait until the last minute for everything, so this year I am getting my fathers day shopping done early!  I love all the cute gift ideas out there and I wanted to share some of my favorites.  I am definitely adding the Cornhole and golf club to my shopping cart! I hope this helps you guys with some fun ideas for your men and dads and if not one of these then hopefully this will spark some good ideas in your mind!   

Fathers Day Gift Guide

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