Flares Flowing Tops and Flowers

I am in love with flares, and I'm so happy they are alive and well these days!  They are flattering on so many body types, and I always feel like my legs are on point in them, haha.  I'm sure its because I get to add a few extra inches to my legs with 4 inch wedges, yay! I found these amazing little guys at Nordstrom and they are under 100 dollars. and right now they are 40% off!!  Im always happy when a "cheaper" pair of jeans still looks expensive and fits well.

I hope your all excited for the weekend.  I'm a little extra happy because Van finally took a bottle and I see my freedom from nursing in my future.  Anyways, hope you guys check these out!  Xoxo

 Flares | Top and here | Clutch old Similar here


Belly Love

I would do anything for this little hunk of mine, so when the doctor said I should start Van on probiotics, I didn't think twice.  I know how important it has been for me to take them, and I wanted to do whatever I could to make sure Van was healthy!  He has been taking baby probiotics since he was born and I am a strong believer that he is so happy because his belly is happy.  Well, I hope other reasons too. :)  I won't go into crazy detail, but if you or your babies struggle with belly issues, not being able to go potty, getting sick all the time, taking lots of antibiotics, and a million other reasons, then you need to start taking this.

Probiotics build up your "good" gut bacteria, and since 70-80 percent of your immune system stems from your gut, it's even more important than we ever thought to have a healthy gut.

Here are my favorites!


This one is a no brainer, and I tell everyone I know to make this a priority.  It's so easy and it really makes a huge difference!  Hope your having a fabulous weekend!  It feels like summer here today and it makes me so excited for more beach days with my baby!!


Little Black Dress

Hi lovelies,
I am always looking for a great fitting black dress, and I was so happy when I found this one.  I feel like I can never have enough black dresses, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite ones with you guys!  This one is especially friendly because it stretches for those over indulgent nights out with your girlfriends or hunny!

My dress | Shoes old, similar Here | Clutch similar Here


This style of dress is so great because you can throw a denim or leather jacket over it when you get chilly or need a little more coverage!

Hope you all have a great week!


Beach Babes

I am literally obsessed with my little man.  I don't know if every mom feels that way, but I just love his face and his little personality so much.  Anyways, we did a little photo session for the company Hey You Apparel and I was dying over how big and handsome Van has gotten.  After going through such a hard time for the past few months we are taking every second with him and loving it!

Hey You Apparel uses classic styles that I love and they make your babies even cuter than they already are!  Go check them out!  Hey You Apparel

 I just die for these two!!


Hope you all have a great week!!


Distressed Denim I Love

I am a distressed loving momma these days.  It just so easy and so cute!  I choose them for everyday with my little Van, to play in the park, at the beach in the sand and getting coffee with my girlfriends.  I wear them with a pair of converse, rolled up with boots, or a fun pair of heels.  You seriously cant go wrong.

I'm a fan of finding great jeans that don't cost $200 dollars plus and Gap is really stepping up their game.  I am seriously in love with the new True Skinny jeans in these vintage washes.  They remind me of jeans you've had forever and still wear. 
I say buy some that are really fitted and tuck a cute vintage tee, or tank into them.  Even a cute belt would be fun!  Also, you should never pay full price at GAP because they always always always have such fabulous sales!

Gap Jeans

As far as liking Skinny, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, or shorts, I really don't discriminate.  I love anything worn, comfy and full of distressing!  Here are a few that I own and love.  Their are some affordable and some more expensive but there are lots of choices!  Hope you guys find some you love!  I will be posting photos of ones I own in the next couple weeks! 

Distressed Denim 2

Hope you all have a great Sunday! 


My Flat Belly Secret!

I still have so far to go with losing all the baby bulge, but I am proud of my progress so far, and know I am using healthy practices so that Van will benefit while I still slim down!  One of the best things I have found for flattening and detoxifying my body in one shot is the coffee enema!

Im not a doctor, nurse or anything close, I just know what works for me and like to share, so please do your research if you have any questions!
Ok, so this post is another one that most people don't want to talk about.  How to truly detox the CRAP out of your body!  
I get asked a lot how my skin is glowing and although I am SO FAR from having perfect skin, I do see the glow after I use these detox practices on a regular basis.  But, you cant just use this one thing and expect that your body will be great and your skin will be happy and beautiful.  Its a combination of doing many good things for your body.  BUT, this will give you that extra boost!
What im talking about is detoxing the one place you truly store toxic matter, and that's your BUM!  I have been doing coffee enemas for a while now, through my pregnancy and continuing after my baby was born.  
I know many people who go and have colonic done and that's great, but coffee enemas at home are much better, more private, and crazy good for you! 
Coffee enemas help relieve constipation, insomnia and cognitive problems; they may eliminate (or control) parasites, candida and other pathogens. Coffee enemas are frequently used in natural cancer protocols such as the Gerson Therapy, and thats just the beginning!  You will have a flatter smaller stomach and feel so much lighter!

 Here is a scientific way of explaining how enemas work:
Coffee enema activates and intensifies certain enzyme systems that ensure that around 98% of toxins in released bile will be safely carried out of your body!
It does not allow the liver to reabsorb toxic bile through the permeable walls of the gut. Therefore, it is the most effective means of utilizing natural enzyme systems of the liver and small intestine to detoxify the blood stream.

So here is what you need:
Coffee-not just any coffee, but this kind here is the best and is used by many cancer treatment centers.
Along with the coffee, you will need a stainless steel bucket so you can use it more than once and this little package comes with everything you need!  There are lots of other options on amazon and you can take a look there but just make sure its organic coffee made specifically for enemas.

Untitled #18

Here is the link to for the Coffee and the Stainless steel bucket

I know it seems scary, and gross but it is so worth it and you will be amazed by how fabulous you feel!  Im excited to hear that some of you will give it a try!
Have a fabulous Fourth of July!!