After juicing for over a year, I am a strong believer in the healing power of green juice...

There are days that I feel a little run down, tired and sluggish.  Those are the days that I reach for my juicer instead of the medicine cabinet.

Since my husband and I started juicing over a year and a half ago, we haven't had a bad cold, the flu, or a sore throat that lasted longer than a day.  I know its because we juice at least 3 times a week.  For a long time I was juicing everyday and feeling great, but in the last few months I have cut back to 3-4 times a week and feel just as good.  The best thing I ever did was start juicing with my husband.

Juicing has leveled out my hormones, made me happier and I lost some weight.  My skin and hair are shinnier and my chronic stomach pain is gone.  I cant say enough good things about juicing.

My husband has lost weight, gained more energy, and after being diagnosed with a tumor, he feels hopeful that he is healing in a healthy natural way.  When I met Kevin he had a bright yellow spot in his eye and as soon as we started juicing it disappeared. We both lost that extra water weight we were carrying around and feel like new people.

When I feel sick, tired, bloated, or unhappy I make a juice.  And I always make one for Kevin while I'm at it.  It rejuvenates him and I and its the reason we feel great.

I tell everyone they should juice, and once they start they will feel like a new person.

Our favorite juice is:
5 large stalks of Lacinato Kale
4 celery stalks
1 cucumber
2 Granny smith apples
2 big handfulls of spinach
1 inch or so of ginger root
1/2 a lemon

This makes a juice for 2 and its so good for you.
Some days we add carrots, and/or beets.

To me, there really isnt a better kind of juicer, because whatever juicer you WILL USE is the best one for you.

Another really yummy recipe is apple and carrot juice.  Equal parts apple and carrots.  It turns this gorgeous color of orange and its so yummy- a great afternoon pick me up.

Here are a few great options for juicers:

This one from Costco is a good choice, it works well and is easy to clean.  Its $99.00 and the best part is if you dont like it you can return it.                                   



The juicer we use is the Omega J8006.
Its a masticating juicer and will crush the veggies, and fruit instead of spinning them.  Basically, you will be able to save your juice for the next day & still get the same amount of nutrients.

In the book, Crazy, Sexy, Diet, she explains how juicing is an instant mega vitamin source that goes straight to where its needed in your body without having to wait for your body to digest all those delicious greens.  Its pretty amazing how quickly you will see a difference in your body, attitude and skin.  We are new people, a better couple, and full of energy!

Stay tuned for my first giveaway coming this weekend.  Its going to be "Crazy" good!


  1. Loving all you ideas for everyone!! This is a great idea to keep everyone informed on what is exactly working in the Green World!! Much Love and Keep up the good work!!

    1. Yay, thanks momma!! Love you!!!!

  2. So we have been drinking our new and improved smoothies daily and shooting the apple cider vinegar! With your tips and a little less vino we are feeling great!! Might have to conquer the juicing world next :)

    1. I am so so happy to hear that you guys are feeling better!! You guys already look amazing and now you will feel that way too!! I know... juicing will be good when you guys are ready!! xoxo

  3. I definitely feel better the days I drink my juice! I love that you are doing this blog and I think it's so great!! Keep it coming!

    1. Thanks Meagan!! Im so happy you are reading it and I am always happy when you guys drink your green juice!! Love you guys!!

  4. Replies
    1. No, you dont suck but get on it!! :)

  5. I love it! What are some juicer options for those of us who have never juiced?? Do you juice as a meal or in addition to?

    1. Thanks!! I love that you love it! I will put some in my post...but really any juicer is good. The one from Costco is great, my whole family loves it. Also you can search on Amazon for a good priced one, or as they get more expensive you will get more enzymes. I will revise my post! :)

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  7. Thanks! That was exactly what I was looking for:)


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