I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who gets the blues when they have to say goodbye, or for many other reasons.  Well my older sister and her family came to visit me this week and saying goodbye is killer for me.  The day after,  I cant peel myself off the couch and I eat terrible food to try to feel better.  Anyone else like this??

Well after a good nights sleep, and these little pick-me-up ideas, Im sure you will be feeling better too!  Here's what I do...

1. Start my day by eating as clean as I can and drink water all day.  I keep a full water bottle by my side at all times.

2. Second, I add more MACA into my shake!!

     *Drink your MACA!!  Maca root is know to aid in Balancing hormones and works 
with each individual body: if you are producing too much of a particular 
hormone, it will lower your levels and if your producing too little, 
it will bring you up.  
Simple enough right!!

    *Maca gives your energy in a healthy way as opposed to the caffine in 
coffee(and dont even think about a red bull or monster!) It contains 
high amounts of vitamins, minerals and enzymes 
your body needs and loves!

    *Maca is also rich in B-vitamins, energy vitamins, and is a vegetarian source of B-12.  
Even better, maca has high levels of bioavailable calcium and 
magnesium and is great for re mineralization.

    *And last but not least!!  Maca boost your SEX drive!! Yay!! We all need more sex, right! :)

3. Third, I take a trip to the store and buy something cute(and cheap)!  Im not a big spender so buying something expensive wouldnt make me feel better, it would make me feel worse.  So I bought this cute tee-shirt in Bight Pink for $10.00 from GAP.  They have all their tee's on sale today and I cant turn down a basic tee.  Also most of the store is 40% off so you could pick up that gorgeous infinity scarf while you at it.  They are so soft and perfect for spring!  I cant say I buy a lot from GAP but they have great colors in everything right now!

Thats it, I am usually feeling better after getting out and putting some healthy food in my body!  I hope you guys check out this MACA, Its made my our favorite company for supplements which  I will talk more about a few others we are testing out soon! 

And for the Winner of my first giveaway!
Thanks so much to everyone that sent me such nice messages
and support on this little venture, It makes me so happy to
hear from you!!  Love you all!!

The winner is:
Yay!! Please email me your address and I will send it to you!!!
My email is Starjen00@hotmail.com


  1. Such a great idea!! I am going to get some of the MACA tomorrow!! Love the idea of so much vitamin B!! It always keeps my head in the game of whatever is ahead for me!! Thanks!!

    1. You will love it momma!! Im going to send you some!!

  2. Thank you!!! I can't wait to read this book. And I did not know about MACA?? I must get me some now:)

  3. AHHHH! I hate leaving and am so ready to come back. I still cant get myself off the couch. Eating clean tomorrow, freaking kinz's cookies!!! I think Im missing my avocados for the last 2 days. I'll hit Costco tomorrow. Was this 1 of the 2 green mixture?? Did I miss this? You know I need more balance and more sex;) I guess I'll add that to my Amazon list. XOXXO

    1. I know, I hate it too!! come back please!! No, this was a different one, but I had run out so I had to order more!! I am trying a new kind and its pretty amazing!!

  4. LOVE you blog!!!! So excited to see all the great things to come!!! Thanks to your blog I finally got around to recovering my password so I could comment!! Maybe even catch up on mine!! You truly are inspiring inside and out!!! XOXO

    1. Thanks so much Shannon!! I am so happy you like it and hopefully I can keep it up!! Thats the nicest thing to say, It means so much!! You guys are always inspiring me and I wish I was there to hang with you guys this summer!! :)

  5. So happy to see a new post. I've never heard of MACA but I for sure need it. I'm hoping this is something I can get at Good Earth or somewhere, I need it ASAP. I also have to go get the book I really don't know why I haven't yet. I started reading it at your house last year and was intrigued.
    I so feel your pain on saying good-bye. My brother Tony was here for a few days and after he left I just sat and cried. Some times seem harder than others to say good-bye and this one was a tough one for me. I guess that's the one down side to loving and being best friends with your family, it sucks to be away from them.
    Keep the posts coming! Love

    1. Thanks Sunshine!! Your the best and I really think you would love MACA!! I am trying a new kind and its amazing!! Im feeling better than ever and its only been a week since I got the new one. Oh, seriously!! I hate goodbyes, they are awful!! I know we feel the same, it sucks!! :) Love ya!!


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