About a month ago, out of no where, I woke up at 2:30am to THE WORST pain in my stomach I've ever felt.  I thought I needed to go to the E.R., and I hate the E.R.

I laid there in bed for about two hours hoping the pain would go away.  I got up like 50 times to pee and still the pain seemed to get worse.  After thinking I might die, I woke up Kevin and told him to help!!

If you know my husband, the first place he goes for anything is straight to the internet to research.  He diagnosed me with a UTI, and went back to searching for a "NATURAL" cure.

To make a long story short, he ran downstairs, whipped up some concauction he found online and came back up to me with a small white bowl.  It was filled with green apple slices, skin removed, and a puddle in the bottom of white vinegar.  I was thinking he may have lost it cause I was in REAL pain, but I followed "Dr. Jacksons" orders and ate the apples soaked in vinegar, and slurped up the extra vinegar.

He told me it would take 20-30 minutes and the pain would dissapear.  Literally, on the dot 20 minutes later, the pain was gone and I was fast asleep.  I woke up the next morning like new and havent had that pain since.

Now I know a lot of women who get these, very often in fact, and I have always heard that cranberry juice would help.  But when I ate those apples and vinegar and the pain was gone, I was amazed.  I hope the next time you get one of these you have a sweet hunny that will peel some apples and vinegar for you.  If not, make it for yourself :)  I promise you this is almost instant.  No more sitting in the tub and drinking gallons of cran juice.

Hope you will pass this on to other women, so no one has to feel that awful ever!!

Thanks to my hubby for finding the cure once again for us, he really has been the one with all the great advice and ideas.  I just get to pass them on through my blog. 

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