I had a few people ask me about my supplement routine, and since it can be overwhelming to know what and when to take everything, I will just share mine with you and you can adjust for your needs.

In the morning when Im making breakfast, I have a shot of ACV, Pure Aloe, and Vitamin C.  This combo is a little overwhelming for my belly and Im use to it, so go easy at first!  I also usually have a Chai tea in the morning and I add my MACA powder in that.

I will usually try to take my other supplements throughout the day but sometimes I forget.  In that case I just take them all at night when I watch TV or do homework.

At night or throughout the day I take:
6 or so Chlorella Manna
6 Barley power Green Supreme
2 Fish oil
2 Biotin
and usually a few Daily Essentail Enzymes when I eat.

If I have a protien shake I will throw the Vitamineral Greens in there, and if I dont, I will just take a shot with water mixed in it.

I know this sounds like a lot, but I love how they each make me feel and 
I notice such a difference in my water retention, and my stomach feels amazing.
I would love to answer any other questions you might have about any of 
these supplements.

Just email me or instagram at xposedbeauty
or starjen00@hotmail.com

Better yet, just ask me on here that way we can share with everyone!
Love you guys!! Thanks for reading!!


  1. What kind of blender do you use for your shakes? I want to get a new one that will purée veggies as well as fruit. I figured you'd know a good one!

    1. I have the Vitamix, and its the best appliance I ever bought!! It pretty much blends anything Laur and I make so many good sauces and stuff. You can make peanut butter and almond butter too. Look into it!!

  2. Wonderful, thank you! Love your advice, you're the best :)

  3. Do you take any probiotics? What's your take on them?
    And I took a shot of apple Cider vinegar this morning because this blog post inspired me as I was reading it late last night. I forgot how incredibly gross ACV is. I will get used to it and it will get easier, right?? Are there rules with it? like take it on an empty stomach before or after meal etc. at this point I am just trying to not throw up because I know it would be far worse coming up than it is going down... (yes I'm a wuss with taking yucky stuff)
    thanks Jenn I love your blog!

    1. Hey Sunshine,
      Yes! I do take probiotics, its in the maca I take and the greens I think too. Thats why I love that Maca by Health force so much. Its full of so many good things. Im not a fan of Probiotics in yogurt because Im not a fan of yogurt, its dairy and I try to stay away from dairy as much as I can. I think anyway you can help digest your food is good! Also the apple cider never gets better...haha!! But it will be worth it when you are feeling great! I just take it whenever I remember but I try to take in the morning when I get up. I feel pretty sick after too but I just suck it up! Pain is beauty right?? :) Always love to hear from you!! xoxo

  4. Do you take any probiotics? What's your take on them?


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