I've been doing home workout videos for as long as I can remember.  The good old Cindy Crawford work out, the infamous Jane Fonda, and Buns of Steel...Ive literally tried them all!!
I have just always liked having the videos there to use anytime I like.  As I have gotten older, nothing has changed.  I still LOVE working out at home.  Some of my favorites are oldies but goodies, and some are new ones I've just found and am seeing quick results from.

My all time favorite is Turbo Jam with Chaleen Johnson.  Quickest way to lose weight and really shapes your abs!  I sweat like crazy through all her workouts.

I have done P90X, and Insanity, and am loving the new Focus T25.  I really like to change it up as much as possible because I get really bored.

My new favorites are Physique 57(barre routine) ...and a couple different youtube girls!

The Tone It Up girls are amazingly beautiful and their workouts are killer.  I just log on to their YouTube channel and do whatever one looks good.

And last but not least, one of my all time favs online is The Daily Hiit.  Its amazing and the main girls body is soooo killer!!  Definitely my inspiration body.  The last two are great because if you are tired or dont have much time, you can do any of their quick 10 minute workouts and it gets you going!

If this girl doesnt inspire you... well, Im not sure what will! :)

Go check them out and give one a try!!  If you don't like going to the gym, this is a great alternative!
Let me know your favorite home workouts!


  1. I really like zuzkalight.com, she has about 80 free workouts on her YouTube channel. Jillian Michaels is my all time favorite trainer, I got her 90 day program and it completely shredded my body better than anything else I've tried and believe me I have done it ALL

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