I decided to make myself an inspiration board and I asked my husband to make one with me.  We got a bottle of wine and started cutting out pictures.  I am always trying to set goals that I know I will actually follow through on, and this is such a great way to do it!  Its so fun to set goals that you feel like are way out of reach along with goals you know you can do right away.
Some of my goals are:

***A nice round booty to wear those gorgeous booty swimsuits that are everywhere!!

***No Debt, I honestly work very hard at this one.  I am and probably always will be a saver, it makes me feel secure and able to give.

***I plan to renew my wedding vows and I'd love to be able to fly everyone out to a gorgeous beach location for a getaway.

***I also want to make an impact on people, I want to share and learn how to be gorgeous and Healthy!!

I hung it up by my shower so I can look at it everyday, time to get yours started.  Hope you guys like this idea!  What are your goals?  Lets share them and check in on each other. 

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