I'm pretty much in love with all the swimwear that is out for summer and if working your butt off to fit into them isnt enough, there are a zillion to choose from.  Also pretty sure that Australian brands are the bomb dot com in everything that has to do with the water and a tan.  I just cant get enough of the cuts and cute colors out this summer!  Here are just a couple of my favorites right now!
How amazing is this brand, Triangl Swimwear?  Pretty amazing and just a few minutes on Pinterest and you'll be dying over all the cute, tiny girls wearing them.  I think I need one in every color!


And... you can never go wrong with a surf brand like RVCA, or Roxy, and they have definitely stepped up their game this summer.  They are sexy and fit well for days on the sand and in the water!


Ok...and for all you gorgeous girls with nice round booty's(working on mine), here is a to die for brand that mixes the best style with the best booty cuts!  You will die when you check out their website!  I have linked it all to my polyvore account, so you can just click on the pics for websites and prices!
Summer cant come fast enough!!

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