This past week we spent the day in Laguna shopping and having lunch at Taco Loco right on PCH.  I dont know what it is about sitting on PCH that makes me feel happy but I love those kind of days.  Sunshine, palm trees, and good music is pretty much the way I want to spend everyday.  
I wish you all could live here with me and we could spend everyday together laying on the beach!
We spent some time in my favorite neighborhood and picked out a house to buy one day!
There are a lot of people (books written, ie. "The Secret") that believe in putting your dreams out to the universe will help them come true.  I am finding the more I put out there, the more I believe in this! 

Chambray Top: Koodeker / Similar: Old Navy
Denim cutoffs: Vintage shop / Similar: Urban Outfitters
 Heels: Nordstroms

 Hope you all had a great Fathers Day! XoXo


  1. Lookin good! Yes! Totally put it out to the universe and it will happen! So happy for you my friend.

    1. Thanks Jess!! Miss you, come visit me!!! :)

  2. Lookin good! Yes put it out in the universe and it will happen!!! So happy for you!

  3. Love the outfit dear! Especially those shoes



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