Trends that just dont do it for me...  
Not that they arent gorgeous, they just arent my style.  Not meant to offend anyone!  
(Like the ugg trend that everyone loves, its not for me)
 I am loving many trends happening right now and I will be posting those next, 
but I have to pass on these ones!

1.  Ok, overalls are so cute for girls who are stick thin, or under the age of 13 but I remember wearing these growing up and I could never do it again.  I am a regular size girl and I would feel like a blob wearing these!  If you are rocking them, more power to ya, but I'll stick to jeans that end at the waist.

2.  I kinda feel like these are the sweats of the shoe world and along with brown worn out Uggs, these are next in line with shoes I wont wear.  I just dont get them. 

3.  Paleo just isn't my cup of tea.  Since I'm not a huge fan of meat, and I know how hard the body works to process it, I'm going to be steering clear of this diet trend.  No judgement for those out there loving this way of eating,  I know some people do better with more meat in their diets. :)

4.  I know this makes your insta look gorgeous but Im not a huge fan.  Its my own personal opinion, but wouldn't it be nice to see a cookie or donut every once and a while instead of these?  Haha

5.  Nothing to say but these are not attractive.  Just my opinion. ;)

6.  I think these bags are so gorgeous but I just wish we didnt feel like we needed thousand dollar bags when there are so many people out there with so much less than us!

Im pretty specific about what I like,  as most people are, and if you love these things I hope I didnt offend you.  I still think your fabulous!! :) And It doesnt mean I know anything really...just my personal opinion.

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