We set up a day with the amazing photographer Noel from Bosh Images for our holiday cards and I was so lucky to have her take some really fun bump pictures too.  I couldn't believe how comfortable I was with her and how much I loved the finish products.  I wanted to share them and share some of my favorite parts of being prego! 

I really am so surprised at how much I have loved being pregnant.  Its probably the first time in my life I have loved my body, and felt amazing watching it grow bigger everyday.  Not to sound too cheesy, but I am so sad to see this bump go and have felt so proud to be a woman and get to grow a human in my belly!  My favorite part of the day is waking up with my bump, and checking the mirror to see how its grown over the night.  I talk way too often about my belly and being pregnant and luckily I have the best girls ever at work that listen to my ramblings.  

Kevin has been a dream husband, telling me I'm beautiful everyday and how great I'm doing.  I wont go too much into how amazing he is but I am THE luckiest girl ever!!


  1. You are stunning, Jenn!! Inside and out, beauty. Im so happy for you...

  2. This is the sweetest post, and I love all of the photos! :) -Jess, roseandfig.com


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