So if your like me, you have waited until the last minute to figure out what to get for your dad, and for me, your hunny's first fathers day.  I always struggle buying presents for people because I never know if its what they really want or if its ever enough.  Over-thinker here!  So... instead of letting you all struggle, I wanted to share a few of my ideas with you!  I may or may not be using these ideas ;) (sorry babe if you read this)  If none of these look good, or your on a Dave Ramsey style budget this year, then just go give your dad a big hug and enjoy your time with him!  Happy early Fathers day to all the amazing dads out there!

Fathers Day Gift Guide
1. Nike Sneakes  |  2. Billabong Tees  |  3. Go Pro  |  4. Golf Gift Certificate  |  5. Whisky Wedge Ice Mold  |  6.  Ray Ban Boyfriend

If my dad was still with us, this list would include a shiny new pair of white tennis shoes, and a new golf club or two.  This fathers day will be a mix of happiness and a little sadness as holidays, especially one made just for him, are a whirl of emotions without my dad.  But, since its Kev's first fathers day, I hope to make this a happy and special one for him!

I am truly blessed to have Kevin as my baby daddy, he is absolutely one of a kind and my better half.  Van will grow up with a role model that I know he will be proud to call his dad.  Im one lucky girl!!

I hope this helps some of you, or sparks an idea as you last minute shop.  Hope you all have a fabulous week!

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