I would do anything for this little hunk of mine, so when the doctor said I should start Van on probiotics, I didn't think twice.  I know how important it has been for me to take them, and I wanted to do whatever I could to make sure Van was healthy!  He has been taking baby probiotics since he was born and I am a strong believer that he is so happy because his belly is happy.  Well, I hope other reasons too. :)  I won't go into crazy detail, but if you or your babies struggle with belly issues, not being able to go potty, getting sick all the time, taking lots of antibiotics, and a million other reasons, then you need to start taking this.

Probiotics build up your "good" gut bacteria, and since 70-80 percent of your immune system stems from your gut, it's even more important than we ever thought to have a healthy gut.

Here are my favorites!


This one is a no brainer, and I tell everyone I know to make this a priority.  It's so easy and it really makes a huge difference!  Hope your having a fabulous weekend!  It feels like summer here today and it makes me so excited for more beach days with my baby!!

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