Happy Friday Loves! 

I am such a sucker for basics, and especially black and white stripes! I also have way to many denim jackets for my own good but seem to keep buying more. At least this one is a little more fun because of the raw shorter hem, I was instantly obsessed! I love this easy look with white denim that I think I will be wearing far into the fall. Its always weird trying to figure out if I should shop for fall or winter here because its always pretty warm, especially in the fall. I grew up in Utah where there is four seasons so I am always drawn to jackets and scarves, but never find a good time to wear them! Anyways, I love these pieces because they can be layered easily for cooler nights! 

 I am usually ready for fall but I am so loving this warm weather and endless beach days in Southern California. Concerts in the park, sunsets on the beach with the babies running around, and long nights drinking cocktails with friends are just a few of the things we have been doing lately. I don't know if its Vans age or what, but I am feeling so content in my life right now. This past year has been more than crazy and I have definitely been feeling the stress of life on my body. haha... I guess thats what happens when you have babies! ;) 

 I hope you love this look as much as I do.  We are taking a little vaca to Palm Springs soon and I have so many fun things to share! I hope you have a fabulous weekend! 

I am wearing a small in the jacket, and a small top, the jeans are a 25 but they are super thin so I would go up a size for sure!

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