Happy Wednesday,

I hope your all getting a chance to unwind from your day!  I wanted to share our first overnight without Van on the blog and let you all experience a little bit of this heavenly place. Korakia Pensione is really a little slice of paradise in Palm Springs.  They don't allow children there so we thought this would be a great place to spend our first night away from Van.  I was so nervous leaving him but I know how important it is to keep trying to make marriage and your husband a priority!  I never thought I would be that person that didn't want to leave my baby but he is everything so it was harder than I thought.  When we got here it was so peaceful and gorgeous that we did our best to really enjoy each other and not to worry about Van.  Every inch of this place is charming and we loved it here so much!  

It was about a million degrees, so taking pictures was crazy ;)  I was a sweaty betty through it all! haha...

We sat by the pool for about five minutes and then spent the rest of the time in the water sipping on our cocktails!  

Waking up to this was heaven!
Our room was right outside the pool and the room was perfect in the 
day and at night with the fire!
We watched Casablanca, drank wine and were in bed by 10!  It truly was so relaxing!

It was such a nice overnight trip and if your looking for a little hidden getaway for you and your hunny in Palm Springs, this is the place to go!  I cant wait to go back!

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