Happy Monday,

By now you know my love for this brand/boutique Planet Blue and I cant help but love the easy beach style they have.  Its more on the expensive end but I hardly buy anything that is too expensive so I feel like I can splurge every once and a while.  I literally could walk into this store and pick up one of everything and be happy with it!  So if you cant afford these styles I have linked up a few more budget friendly versions that I love just as much!  And as for being able to afford expensive things, well I am the most money conscious person I know and I just set aside a spending budget each month for myself, and if I want something more expensive then I just save each month.  Its so simple and even though you don't get what you want right away you appreciate it more when you have to wait!

I definintely plan on wearing white well into the winter and as far as I'm concerned white is all year around for me!  I hope you have a fabulous week!

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