Happy Friday!

I don't know about you guys but I keep styling tools way too long, where the brushes are losing all their bristles and the blow dryer is starting to spark.  Really though, I think my last blow dryer made crackling noises every time I used it.  So, to say I needed a new set would be understatement. 

I got these gorgeous new brushes and blow dryer from the amazing company Fromm Beauty and am so in love.  My hair has taken such a beating since having Van and bleaching it, and some days I feel like I might be frying off the last strands I have every time I blow dry my hair.  But with this dryer I already notice a difference.  Its lightweight and quiet which is great for nap time, and its comparable wattage and wind speed with less weight than other blow dryers.

My hair is already getting better, and the tools are heaven too.  I love the 1907 "Do Everything" Square Brush. The unique square barrel let's you smooth, wave or curl your hair with just the flick of your wrist.  It takes a little practice but its so nice to use!  And as for the paddle brushes, they cut my dry time in half, which is a dream for this momma!

I hope this helps you pick out your next set of beauty tools! Have a lovely day!

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