Happy Thursday lovelies,

I am always looking for ways to make my momma life easier.  So when I found these GE Motion-Activated lights I was so happy that I found a way to help me from running into the walls at night.  I put my lights up in the hallway from my room to Vans room for those nights when I have to get up to check on Van.  If I hear him cry at night, I cant help but go running to make sure he is ok.  I am not one of those moms that let my baby cry for too long, I just cant wait to snuggle him whenever I get the chance.  I always bring Van into my bed if he wakes up at night hoping he will want to snuggle and sleep with us... NO LUCK, EVER ;)  I guess I should be happy he likes his bed so much?!

Van was so excited to open the package with me and put all the lights in.  He is such a big helper these days.  He wants to do everything himself!  I also put one in Vans room for when I come charging in to save him...haha, not really.  But I like to think so! ;)

 It was so easy to use, and I don't feel like it comes on too easy.  Some lights are too sensitive and this one is the perfect amount!

I hope this helps you pick out some lights to make your momma life easier.  I am all for tips and tricks and love sharing my ideas with other moms and dads.  I am always happy and satisfied with GE products, they never let you down. 

Also they are giving away a $200 dollar gift card to Amazon!  
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Have a fabulous day!

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