Happy Thursday,

I hope your all excited for the holiday weekend!  I was lucky enough to take a little trip to Beverly Hills this past week to get my first Hydro Facial!  After having a baby and the stress that this past year has put on me, I am definitely feeling my age these days!  I remember being in esthetician school and getting facials everyday, my skin was so amazing.  I forgot how much I love them!  So when Ursula, the Co-Founder of Honor MD, offered me this treatment I was so excited! 

I went up to Dr. John Diaz's beautiful office in Beverly Hills and got a hydro facial from their esthetician.  It was relaxing and amazing, although I wanted it to last way longer! haha 

I have been using the Honor MD products for the past few weeks and honestly love them so much already!  The cleanser is heaven and doesn't dry your skin out, and the Renew vitamin C serum is my favorite.  I also love the eye cream, which I have never used before, and am excited to see the changes in my skin. 

I will keep sharing the progress of my skin with you guys so you can make an informed decision about what is good for your skin.  I have very dry skin that seems to be aging so fast since having Van that I rarely like to go out without makeup!  So I'm working hard to clear up my skin and feel more confident without makeup again.  I will share some of my before pictures with you guys on my next post too so you can see what I mean. 

 I'm also obsessed with the Protect, it makes your skin feel so hydrated and has SPF.  And if all this isn't fabulous enough, the location of his office is in the middle of this palm tree heaven! haha

I am wearing makeup here and still see the glow after my facial coming through!  I am loving how my skin feels and how nicely my makeup went on.  The exfoliate is so nice, and I believe that exfoliating is such an important part of making your skin glow! 

I am using everything I listed here and just started on their retinol creme too.  I am excited to be the guinea pig for you all and I will let you know how this skin care works out for me!  Please feel free to ask any questions and I will continue to share my progress with you guys!  

Have a lovely night,

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