Happy Bachelorette Night,

I seriously LOVE Mondays!  I get to spend all day with Van playing at the beach and then I go to my favorite Hot Yoga class, the teacher is sooo good.  He plays the best music really loud and says just the right things to make you feel like you are going to kick ass at life.  If you guys need a kick in the butt, this is your class.  Then I get to watch bachelorette and eat chocolate!  So you can see why I love Mondays.

Anyways, I wanted to share some of my favorite workouts with you guys and will be expanding on my routine in the next couple of months.  I will list my favorites at the end of this post! As for some leg showing clothes, I am loving this skirt, and loving even more cute button down shirts.  I linked some of my favorites, along with more budget friendly options!

I have been working out like crazy my whole life.  I feel like I have tried everything out there, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you guys.  My all time favorite workout is Hot yoga.  I go to Corepower Yoga and I love it.  It has forever changed my body and mind.  I have always wanted long lean muscles, and yoga will definitely do that for you.  I'm not huge fan of big bulky muscles so I have stayed away from heavy weights, but I started Kayla Itsines and love love the way her workouts shape you legs and butt.  So... I am becoming a fan of weights!  And finally I have dabbled in Tone it up.  They are all amazing on their own, but so much better all mixed together!  I love changing it up and challenging my body, it has made all the difference.

I am going to get way more into my routine and share some ways to slim down with you guys but wanted to link those websites so you can check them out!

Have a great night!

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