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I get so many direct messages from you guys about what I eat, what I feed Van and the number one question I get is how do I get my protein when I'm vegetarian.  I always think that's a funny one because most of the food I eat has plenty of protein, I don't really worry too much about it.  I love that you guys always ask about Van too, because to me that is way more important than what I feed myself.  He is everything and is thriving, I believe, because of the food we give him.  These are just a few of the ideas we use and I will keep sharing more as you guys request!

I'm vegetarian and my husband and Van eat close to Vegan, most of the time.  I eat fish on occasion and I eat a lot of dark leafy greens, beans, quinoa, and veggies.  I get plenty of protein from those.  Also, these kinds of protein are much easier for your body to digest!  I don't miss meat one bit!

I get asked a lot about slimming smoothies I drink and what I put in them, so I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes.  I usually drink this smoothie for lunch, and little Van loves it too!  It makes enough for three so I will save one for Kev too!

I once read an article about how important fiber is, and how great it makes you feel, so here are some great reasons to add more fiber to your diet!

The top 10 reasons why are:
1. You'll lose weight
2. Maintain a healthier weight
3. Lower your odds of heart disease, and diabetes
4. Healthier gut bacteria
5. Reduce your risk of cancer
6. An all natural detox
7. Healthier bones
8. Glowing skin
9. Regular and cleansing colon health
10. You really dont need another reason do you???

For my green slimming smoothie I add:
1 romaine heart
3 cups of spinach
1-2 frozen bananas
1 large cucumber peeled
1 lemon juiced
1 big chunk of ginger root peeled
1 11oz organic coconut water
Add ice to texture preference

Van and I eat pretty much the same things, for breakfast, its usually lots of fruit, toast with nut butter, and I drink black coffee.  I use to drink Chai tea every morning and I did that for many years, but one day I just got over it.  Its loaded with sugar and I'd rather just have something that makes me feel good.

For lunch its usually Steel cut oats, topped with fruit, cinnamon, healthy nuts like raw walnuts or hemp seeds and some almond milk.  You guys can make your own almond milk too and HERE is a link to my post on that one.  If not oats, then its the green smoothie, or an acai bowl.

Dinner is pretty simple these days, I eat a big green salad with avocado, cucumber, dried cranberries, some kind of nuts, romaine, spinach, quinoa and occasionally a yummy piece of wild caught salmon.   I always saute up some kind of veggie and bake my potatoes in the oven with a little olive oil, and seasoning.  Van will eat the same things, and sometimes I add black beans and rice for him or some pasta noodles with homemade red sauce.  He loves salad though so he will eat that no problem!

Snacks are hard cause I am a sucker for salt.  I love chips and salsa and always go overboard.  I would probably be way thinner if I never had them, haha!  But we try to have nuts, dried fruit, hummus with rice cakes or carrot sticks and cucumber slices.  We also LOVE making homemade "cheesy" popcorn.  We use nutritional yeast instead of cheese and its heaven!!  Try it and thank me later!

I haven't been very consistent lately and wind up eating way too many dried cranberries, too many pieces of chocolate, or staying up late working on photos, or my blog, and snacking on chips.  But its always a work in progress right?!

As for alcohol.  I have have a love/hate with drinking.  My body does NOT like alcohol, I suffer so much the next day even after one glass of wine.  So I started drinking beer to see if that helped and honestly I just felt my middle getting thicker.  So.... I am taking a much needed break from drinking.  My body goes into shut down mode the next day, and has been that way since my stroke.  I just have too much going on these days to bother with it anymore.

If you guys like drinking I would suggest picking one or two days a week to drink and stick to it.  And if DIET ANYTHING is your poison of choice, well... then keep that to one or two days a week.  I honestly think its the worst thing you can do for you body and HERE is a link to my post on why.

Chocolate is my dessert of choice, and this is going to sound crazy to some of you, but we don't give Van a nightly dessert.  He will have chocolate in a kind bar or something like that, but we don't eat ice cream, or popsicles, or candy.  He doesn't even know the difference so why ruin him now.  It was funny the other day I bought a cookie (I was having one of those days) and I gave him a little piece to eat.  He actually held that little chunk in his hand around the whole mall.  He took one little bite and I guess decided he didn't like it, so he just held it.  I asked him if he wanted me to throw it away and he said no, he would just hold it.  He is so funny!  My point is, they don't even like it if its not available everyday!

We don't live without anything fun!  We have a donut on a sunday or two a month and Van loves them, but we are trying to teach him balance!  

I hope this helps you a little.  We aren't very exciting in the food department.  We eat very similar everyday and that makes us happy and feel good.  If you guys have any other question, please feel free to message me, I love getting them!
Have a great week!

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